DAYLube Grease Clears the Way to Victory Lane

If there's anyone that knows a thing or three about racing, it's Kyle Beattie. At the tender age of 4, he got behind the wheel of his first go-kart and never looked back. He has worked on and raced everything from go-karts to Bandoleros, Legends, Thunder Roadsters, and Late Model cars.

In the years since his first races, he has moved from behind the wheel to underneath it. Over 12 years ago, he opened Beattie Racing, a full service race shop in Locust, NC. There, he and his crew build, maintain, and service racecars of all varieties ranging from Dirt Late to Sprint to Legends. He also runs Dirt Sprint karts and Asphalt Late models. This past season, he added ARCA racing to his program.

The type of car in the shop changes from day to day, but one thing stays the same: every driver wants to win. In his many years of racing experience, Beattie has found one thing that can help drivers get that checkered flag regardless of style, track, or model: DAYLube Racing Grease.

According to Beattie, DAYLube holds up to the heat of high speeds and frees up some of the horsepower that other greases take away.

It's not just talk either, Beattie explained. Last year at Legendstock, a Legends race held in August each year in Bethel, NY, two cars that Beattie worked on—and applied DAYLube Racing Grease to—took first and third place. The difference between first and second place was a tenth of a second.

Beattie knows that when you're talking about tenths of seconds, wheel-bearing grease makes a difference, regardless of racing style. Any car that comes into Beattie's garage gets a dose of DAYLube, applied with a syringe from a 16 oz. tube to every third bearing when the wheel bearings are changed.

"In dirt racing, which is inherently more gritty, it's rare for grease to hold up," Beattie said, "but we used it in our bearings and they don't hold the dirt in like other greases."

Not only does DAYLube cut critical seconds off race times, it also cuts down on maintenance requirements. Before he switched to DAYLube, Beattie was changing the bearings on the cars he services monthly over the course of a typical 9-month, 40-race season. Using DAYLube has cut that down to twice: once at the beginning of a season, and another time halfway through.

For Beattie, changing the bearings less per season means more time he can use to work on other cars, and branch out to other styles of racing. Each car takes 3 hours to jack up, take the wheel off, apply the grease, put everything back together, and take it down again.  

If Beattie is working on 10 cars—and he often works on many more than that in peak season—that's an additional 30 hours of work, up to four days in the shop per month in critical season maintenance time. Not being tied down in the shop frees up Beattie to go to more races, and frees up the shop to work on different styles of cars.

DAYLube extends the bearing life dramatically, Beattie said. "We can feel a difference in the car and how it free rolls—we'll jack up the car so the wheels are off the ground, and with DAYLube, the wheel will spin for minutes instead of three rotations."

That free spinning wheel means horsepower is freed up. There's not a layer of greasy sludge to push through, just a free spinning wheel on the track.

Being able to feel the difference was impressive, but Beattie could also see it. After a few races, other greases turn black with dirt and grime. DAYLube starts out white, then the color dissipates. He may not be able to see it, but Beattie knows the grease is still working. In dirt track races, where the grease is exposed to the most dirt and grime, the grease will turn a light grey, Beattie said.

Beattie even explained that customers have come in after Beattie has serviced their car and asked to buy the DAYLube product.

That time saving has allowed Beattie to pick up more customers, but DAYLube has also saved him money in the mere value of the product. According to Beattie, there's other products out there that are the same quality, but up to four times the price.

"There are greases that are a lot less money, but to get something of the same quality is substantially more expensive," he said.

He has applied that cost saving, and expanded applying the grease from just wheel bearings to any piece of machinery that slides or moves. The shop doesn't just only handle all kinds of racing— it also performs a wide range of services for each car. From the state of the art paint booth to the sanding station, from the tire cutter to race car transportation, anything that moves in Beattie Racing gets a small spray of DAYLube once a season.  

Anything that moves causes friction, and friction both wears down movable parts and slows performance speed. DAYLube Racing Grease creates a layer of separation between bearing surfaces. DAYLube's high coefficient of friction means Beattie can apply it less frequently, freeing up the garage to work on other projects. . The value of the product and the fact that he only needs minimal grease for each application saves Beattie money, and allows him to use that grease throughout the shop.

From the gritty dirt track races to the high performance Legends series, Kyle Beattie has seen the effectiveness of DAYLube first hand. And just like after he hopped into his first go-cart, after switching to DAYLube, he hasn't looked back.